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The Dark Chorus

The Boy can see lost souls.

He has never questioned the fact that he can see them. He thinks of them as the Dark Chorus. When he sets out to restore the soul of his dead mother it becomes clear that his ability to see the Dark Chorus comes from within him, it’s a force that he cannot ignore – the last shard of the shattered soul of an angel. To be restored to the kingdom of light the shard must be cleansed of the evil that infects it – but cleaning requires the corrupt souls of the living. With help from Makka, a psychotically violent young man full of hate, and Vee, an abused young woman full of pain, the Boy begins to kill.

Psychiatrist Dr Eve Rhodes is seconded to assist the police investigation into the Boy’s apparently random ritualistic killings. As the investigation gains pace, a patten emerges. And when Eve pulls at the thread from an article in an old psychology journal, what might otherwise have seemed to her a terrible psychotic delusion starts to feel all too real…

Will the Boy succeed in restoring the angel’s soul to the light? Can Eve stop him or will she be lost to the realm of the Dark Chorus?

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The Bridge

Short Story

The old man doesn’t know why he’s on the bridge, never questions the tasks he carries out, never wonders where the clothes come from. But things change, visions beset him and what is revealed is disturbing and reality changing. What he thought was his past was always his present, hidden from him but always watching, manipulating, directing.

He and the bridge have something in common – they are more than they seem…

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The Bridge
the colours of morality

The Colours of Morality

Aged eight, Moth witnessed his mother’s death triggering a form of synaesthesia. Moth sees morality as colours. When he encounters the colours that reflect the lack of morality, he experiences severe mental anguish and self-harms to deflect the pain. Now in his mid-20s Moth is homeless, aimless and in poor mental health. An unexpected encounter with his long-lost brother affects him deeply, dropping him into a mental sea of guilt, grief, and despair. However, from this tumult of emotions surfaces a belief, a belief in purpose, one that pits his ability against those whose colours show no morality.

He helps - and is helped by - Hope, a young woman searching for her trafficked younger brother. She feels she is to blame for his disappearance. Hope is AWOL from the army and takes no prisoners when it comes to getting what she wants.

Pursuing the trafficking gang, and its political puppeteer, is Iain Bright, a disgraced investigative journalist. His tenacious and sometimes downright dubious approach to his work get results but often makes enemies. As he works the investigative story, his own story becomes inextricably entwined with that of Moth’s and Hope’s.

Their roads to redemption are uncertain but all three are compelled to take them. Killing to keep themselves on track is not optional.