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Praise for The Dark Chorus
There have been some great responses and reviews of The Dark Chorus. Below is a small selection. If you’re thinking you might give the book a try but want more persuasion, then please do read the reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, and Bookbub as well as those on many other blog sites. They’ll help you take the leap to join The Dark Chorus.

Read Reviews for the Dark Chorus


How I Write

  • Clean Desk

    Not a chance. I love clutter on my desk, items that remind me of trips or people or events – it’s all a stimulation for me and can help me create some interesting and real imagery within my writing. A cluttered desk is a sea of serendipity for the imagination. Just say NO to clean desks.

  • Defined Working Times

    Not a chance. But this time it is because I’m just too disorganised both practically and in my thinking to be sitting at a desk at the moment my imagination says let’s write. To be honest I’m surprised I ever get anything written.

  • No Distractions

    So, when I do get writing I like to write with something goining on in the background. Usually this is music. Something like the Ozric Tentacles or God is an Astronaut. Alternatively, sitting in a café with all the chat going on around me works well. It has the bonus of me not having to make my own coffee.